The glossary includes short definitions for key terms covered in the tutorial.
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The study guide is a printable summary of this tutorial and includes space for note taking that can be useful as you go through the tutorial.

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The following is a list of additional information available online:

1. Introduction to Mutual Funds - an online tutorial created by Baruch College that delineates the stepping-stones of mutual fund investing and the tools available through the Newman Library at Baruch College to help you gain more knowledge on this issue.

2. The SECís Beginners' Guide to Financial Statements - online material discussing the three financial statements covered in this tutorial.

3. The Robert Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity - a valuable resource at Baruch College to learn about corporate integrity issues confronting U.S. corporations and capital markets, including ethics in financial reporting.

4. The Newman Library at Baruch College - Baruch's library offers numerous resources, including online databases to search for company information, financial reports, and ethical issues.